Welcome to my website. This website was created so people could make connections between stories and past history. Without stories, you see, we wouldn't have any history. Personally, I love writing stories - but they are not all finished. These are just some start out stories that give me more ideas. Please comment on them so that I know how people think of them. Thanks!

Stay Up-to-Date Calendar

You will see major updates/site maintenance  around these dates:

April 19 -
April 20 -
Story Change
April 26
- Major Trafficking

The website will not be used from April 28th to May 9th due to testing!

WAIVER CLAIM: Ok! So the website will have maintenance on those dates. However, to stay up-to-date, I might add a custom HTML Calendar that will have dates to keep you updated. The HTML Calendar will probably NOT be posted if I cannot find Google services to work with the site.... Until then, be patient and wait for site updates.


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